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It's True - Bigger is Better.

Delve deep into heavy shading and packing with Ghost Blackout Cartridges, designed for blackout, coverups and large tattoo work.

Blackout Cartridges are pre-sterilized, complete with a safety membrane and available in 8 different configurations, offering tattoo artists some of the biggest cartridge sizes available in tattooing.

The Blackout range has been introduced by Ghost to serve the ever-growing community that are demanding larger size magnums. Our other ranges of Cartridges offer artists the full size-run of Liners, Bugpins, Shaders and Magnums but only up to a size 27 configuration.


With more and more Tattoo Studios taking on coverup or blackout work, the need for a larger cartridge size was certainly prominent. Now with the option for bigger mag sizes in the Blackout range, Tattoo Artists can get all their required needle cartridge sizes through Ghost Cartridges.

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