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10 years ago my tattoo journey started in the lower east side of Manhattan, New York.

I completed a very traditional apprenticeship, cleaning tubes, mopping floors and making the bathroom useable.


From there I went out to Bob Robert's Spotlight Tattoo in Los Angeles for an even more traditional setting, Whilst there I was introduced to the guys at Mark Mahoney's Shamrock Social Club.

Here I first discovered fineline tattooing done by the best in the business. I was instantly determined to learn how to make such beautiful tattoos. 


I returned back to London in mid 2017

and founded The London Social in 2019.

The London Social Logo.png
The London Social Logo.png

Having used Ghost products consistently for the last couple of years I jumped at the opportunity to develop a signature cartridge with them.


Together, we have built this cartridge to be a luxury product -

high end from start to finish.

'The One' is built with a dark grey body, encasing a premium 3 Liner Ultra Nano needle - 0.18mm - alongside a safety membrane.


I'm incredibly proud to put my name on this box and having tried, tested and signed off on this cartridge I believe for fine line tattooing there is nothing better, It combines an ultra tight configuration whilst still allowing for a nice flow of ink on top of looking incredible.


I hope you guys enjoy the cartridges as much as I do.


Miles Langford.

The London Social.

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The London Social Logo.png
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