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Silicone Fore-grip System

The third and most recent generation of Ghost Cartridges are our HEX Cartridges which changed the game entirely.


HEX took the market by storm becoming our highest quality cartridge yet. Still stacked with a safety membrane, HEX offered users something no other needle cartridge had at the time, a silicone fore-grip system.


This fore-grip was the first on the market and acted as a supportive extension to the user’s machine grip - allowing the user to hold their tattoo machine closer to the client’s skin which allowed optimum precision in their work like never before. Previously to HEX's release, tattoo artists didn’t realise just how much this feature was needed and how useful it became.


When Hex Cartridges were first launched, and sample packs were sent out to Tattoo studios, we had users coming back to give us their feedback on the fore-grip feature and we couldn’t have been happier with the responses. Not only did we add the fore-grip feature, but updated the cartridge body and tip to completely minimise needle rattle. 


The last trick up our sleeve was to have the needle size number embossed onto the cartridge body so the user could identify what configuration they had without having to recheck the opened blister pack.

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