The Eldridge Brothers

Sons of Maria Eldridge


Wales, UK

Date of Birth:

October 29, 1683

The Eldridge Brothers

Shortly after giving birth to the Eldridge Brothers, Maria Eldridge was brutally killed by Dr Francis Granter who hunted twins and triplets for violent experiments.

Taken to a derelict infirmary, the brothers were subjected to savage trials and tests to satisfy Dr Granter’s fascination. Pitted against each other, the triplets were forced to harm their brothers and sever off their siblings’ body parts for their own survival, leaving them mutilated and scarred.

The doctor’s fascination quickly ended when the brothers turned their violence towards him and slowly dissected him like he had forced them to do.

After fleeing from the infirmary, the Eldridge Brothers hid their scars under hoods, pursuing Dr Granter’s own brothers to finish what he started.

Redeveloped into a maternity hospital, the midwives at the old infirmary go cold whenever there are twin births…or triplets.

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